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Psychological autopsy investigators (PAIs) utilize the IS PATH WARM (American Association of Suicidology, 2013) acronym as a mechanism to search for evidence of suicidality in a person who has died. The psychological autopsy (PA) may be performed on a person known to have died by suicide or on a person whose manner of death is equivocal.

One of the more time consuming portions of the PA is conducting a literature search to properly link research findings to existing empirical research. It is our hope that PAIs and other researchers will find this bibliography helpful in saving valuable time while preserving the integrity, credibility, and quality of their studies.


I: Ideation

S: Substance abuse

P: Purposelessness

A: Anxiety

T: Trapped

H: Hopelessness

W: Withdrawal

A: Anger

R: Recklessness

M: Mood changes


The Center welcomes submission of annotated bibliographies by academics for inclusion in the database. Once vetted and approved, the submission will be published with proper credit to the writer.



American Association of Suicidology. (2013). Psychological Autopsy Certification Program Participant Manual. Washington, D.C.: Berman, A. L.