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As a public charity, the Strub Caulkins Center for Suicide Research (the Center) is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization operating under section 501(c)(3) of Internal Revenue Code. While our charitable mission is raising public awareness and disseminating information related to suicide and mental health issues, we also believe that we are endowed with a certain public trust. As part of that trust, the executive management and the Board of Directors believes in full, proactive disclosure of filings we make to federal and state government agencies as well as our financial status. As permitted by federal and state law, and mandated by policies of the Center, certain personally identifiable information of specific donors may be redacted.

Organization Documents

  • Amended Articles of Incorporation: These are the latest Articles of Incorporation as filed with the State of Minnesota.
  • Corporate Bylaws: The most recent version of the corporate bylaws as approved by the Board of Directors.

Federal Filings

  • Form SS-4: The Center applied for a federal Employer Identification Number on-line. This document is the response from IRS.
  • Form 1023-EZ: This document is the Center's application for tax-exempt, public charity status under the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Tax Exempt/Charitable Organization Determination Letter: This document is the Center received from the Internal Revenue Service granting us tax-exempt and public charity status.
  • Form 5768: This is notice to the Internal Revenue Service that a non-substantial amount of our business might be influencing legislation. The Center may spend an inconsequential amount of resources attempting to influence legislation that benefits those with mental illness, helps survivors of suicide, or improves suicide prevention activities in the United States. The Center shall not act a lobbyist nor act in any for or against any candidate for public office.

Annual Tax Filings

Annual Reports


In accordance with Board policy 015-011, cash and other contributions from a single donor in excess of $100 shall be made available on our website. To balance transparency and privacy considerations, the date of donation,  first and last initial of the donor's name, amount/value of donation, and the donor's reported city and state shall be disclosed. Names of corporate donations shall be disclosed in full. Fundraising event donations are aggregated.


10/26/2015     R.A.          $500.00      Roberts, WI

03/24/2016    M.V.          $500.00      Isle, MN

04/08/2016    R.A.       $1,500.00     Roberts, WI

06/09/2016    C.T.           $500.00     Wyoming, MN


01/12/2016     Meds-1 EMS                                    $1,000.00     Grand Rapids, MN

04/12/2016     Itasca Crisis Response Team       $500.00      Grand Rapids, MN

Fundraising Events

08/15/2016     Demolition Derby     $653.00     Bird Island, MN