Mission, Vision, and Values

Purpose Statement 

The Center constantly seeks to

  •  advance awareness and understanding of the public health implications of suicide, self-harm, and its related mental health issues.
  •  positively contribute to suicide assessment, intervention, and prevention practices.

Mission Statement 

Employees, directors, agents, and volunteers of the Center shall

  •  conduct original research and build upon previous research in suicide causality and effect and its related mental health issues.
  •  make all research and data collected by the Center available to the general public.
  •  develop and provide educational opportunities for health care professionals, public safety professionals, and the general public.

Vision Statement 

We at the Strub Caulkins Center for Suicide Research envision a world where

  •  suicide is the lowest cause of death.
  •  there is no stigma associated with a death by suicide or the mental health problems that may lead to suicide.
  •  all people can speak knowledgeably and empathetically about suicide and its under-lying mental health issues.

Values Statement 

We involved in carrying out the mission of the Center believe

  •  suicide is a health issue just like cancer or heart disease.
  •  people afflicted with mental health issues ought to have ready access to quality mental health assessment and treatment.