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Inver Hills Community College, Emergency Medical Services Student Association,  October 2017, Inver Grove Heights, MN

Suicide: A Choose Your Own Adventure Presentation (Presentation)

"Was absolutely eye opening! With some personal experience, and some personal research it was very educational. I look forward to looking into this organization and seeing what I can do."-Anonymous

"Amazing presentation. Very insightful, and totally understands what he is talking about."-Anonymous

"I would love for Caulkins to come again, and speak in further depth about his research. I enjoyed his presentation very much. I would love to learn more about how to break the stigma without "promoting" suicide."-Fernanda Romer, EMT-B, President of EMSSA, Inver Hills Community College

"Extremely thought provoking and interesting."-Anonymous

"Would be a great presentation like 3-4 hours for all EMS students."-Scott DeLong, EMT-B/Firefighter


Metropolitan State University, Master of Liberal Studies Program,  October 2017, St. Paul, MN

Capstone Project Approach and Methods: A Review of Research on Suicide in the Intermountain West   (Presentation)

"Again, many thanks for your excellent presentation and terrific Q&A.  Your eagerness to talk about suicide and associated research is contagious and inspiring."-Brian Nerney, PhD, Professor, School of Communication, Writing and the Arts, Metropolitan State University


SouthWest Minnesota Mental Health Symposium,  May 2017, Willmar, MN

"Wanted to say thank you for speaking at our conference.  Had over 75 evaluations all of yours were 100% excellent."-Patrick Lee, Training and Outreach Manager, EMS and Healthcare

Keynote: The Elephant in the Room

"WOW. Loved his openness & great sharing & stories."-Anonymous

"Excellent, entertaining, amazing. Very interesting, thanks for sharing your story. I wish I could go to more sessions."-Anonymous



The Buzz, Metropolitan State University,  Fall 2016

News and Notes, Alumni Newsletter

"Chris Caulkins (’12, ’14) and Timothy Heap (’10), both of Woodbury, have teamed up to found the Strub Caulkins Center for Suicide Research (SCCSR), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to advancing suicide prevention and awareness through research. A signature service of the SCCSR is the provision of the psychological autopsy (PA), an evidence-based method of determining if a death of unknown manner is a suicide or due to some other manner. PAs may also be conducted on people who are known to have died by suicide and whose loved ones are seeking to understand the “perfect storm” of factors leading to the tragedy. "


Plymouth Fire Department

Plymouth Fire Department, October 2016, Plymouth, MN

Suicide and Emergency Medical Services (Presentation)

"This was a very educational presentation for a topic that is difficult to talk about. I really admire you for what you've been through and your willingness to educate others."-Anonymous

"Interesting insights into the data/research--makes it become more "real."-Anonymous

"Very - very well done! This guy knows his subject matter."-Tom Evenson, Battalion Chief, Plymouth Fire Department



Amherst H. Wilder Foundation,  December 2016, St. Paul, MN

Suicide: Cultural Themes and Variations (Presentation)

"It's very informative and helps to better understand  suicide."-See Lor, Case Manager, Wilder Foundation

"Great speaker! Helpful, inclusive of others!!!"-Anonymous

"Fascinating content and information. Extremely useful for understanding the broad issue of suicide. Chris presented a wealth of information in an engaging, interesting format."-Katie Ducklow, Social Work Intern, Wilder Foundation

"Awesome presentation! I learned a ton! lots of facts, info & perspective on why it's [suicide] a problem, how to normalize client's experiences, & approaches to prevention/coping."-Xeng Pha, Outpatient Intern, Wilder Foundation

"I appreciate your willingness to share your personal experience with suicide."-Raksmey Grotte, PsyD, Wilder Foundation

"The statistics & personal stories combined made for a spectacular presentation."-Anonymous

"Very nice presentation; very informative. I appreciate you bringing your humanness to it by sharing your experience."-Kimberly Svenkeson, LAMFT, Wilder Foundation


Minnesota Child Caring Agencies & Juvenile Detention Association Youth Workers Conference, October 2016, Brainerd, MN

Understanding suicide: Staring the monster down (Presentation)

"He was a very knowledgeable speaker who uses humor to a heavy topic. Would love to hear him speak more."-Anonymous

"Chris was very very knowledgeable with suicide. His humor really made a serious session way better to sit through."-Anonymous

"Loved it! I recently had a loved one pass away from suicide and it helped me understand that situation much better and to understand my residents who have attempted suicide."-Anonymous

"Insightful statistics about the rates of suicide and who is affected."-Anonymous

"Awesome presentation and presenter."-Anonymous

"Great presentation. Good presenter. Very informational."-Anonymous

"Thank you for speaking at the 2016 Youth Worker Conference. Your seminar received many positive reviews. Your presentation certainly enhanced awareness, knowledge and ignited passions for those gathered."-Kirstie and the YWC Planning Committee



Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, Center for Social Healing and Wellness, July 2016, St. Paul, MN

Suicide among the SE Asian population (Presentation)

"A dynamic speaker who presents this topic based on research and personal experience."-Anonymous

"Great in engaging us and the topic was interesting."-Anonymous

"Great presentation. I appreciate a lot what you have shared and thank you so much for doing this work."-Ha, MA, Social Worker, Wilder Foundation



The National Campus Safety Summit, February 2016, Las Vegas, NV

The "S" Word-Suicide: Guidelines for preventing tragedy (Presentation)

"Most valuable presentation"-Anonymous

"The "S" Word - Information very well presented and grounded in recent research."-Anonymous

"I enjoyed the "S" word the most."-Anonymous

"We've had an increase in [suicide] attempts this year and this was extremely helpful. The presenter did great."-Anonymous

"Congratulations on excellent reviews! We truly enjoyed having you at the conference this year and look forward to seeing you at Safe Campus 2017."-Linda Shaw, Conference Organizer



Meds-1 Ambulance Service, December 2015, Grand Rapids, MN

Suicide: Personal, Public, and EMS Provider Impact (Presentation)

"My staff, Medical Director, and all who attended stated that your presentations were not only informative but were inspiring. I want to thank you for taking the time and effort to drive here and present this life saving information. You are now a member of the Meds-1 family."-Timothy George, Director of EMS and Community Health Outreach



EMS Magazine article, Suicide Survivors, February 2010

Suicide Prevention News and Comment (Published Article)

"The power of Caulkins' article lies in his first-person account of the loss of his wife and then later of his brother to suicide."-Franklin Cook, Personal Grief Coach