Research Paper Guidelines

Research Paper Guidelines

Research papers are one of the vital requirements in university courses. So it is significant to know how to write a research paper. These academic writing pieces are pretty tiresome to write, but one does not need to panic. Writing research is simple when you break it down into smaller components. One should be able to manage their papers.

Research papers

Research papers are more than extra-long essays or encyclopedic regurgitations of figures and facts. These tasks’ primary objective is to connect studies of particular topics with students’ crucial evaluation and thinking.

There are two types of research papers. Namely, analytical and argumentative.

  • Analytical – these types of research essays take no firm stance on topics initially. Instead, they ask questions and come to answers by evaluating the source material. As the name suggests, an analytical essay’s main goal is to analyze source materials and offer fresh perspectives on results.
  • Argumentative – these types of essays take stances on particular topics from the beginning. The objective of these essays is to persuade readers of the credibility of one’s arguments. Argumentative essay topics must be debatable and controversial.

How to write academic papers?

A certain word count can make writing papers to look like impossible tasks. No need to worry! Below is a guide on how one can write a killer essay paper.

  1. Starting research papers. Do not rush. When one takes care of the planning phase or preparation phase, he will save time for other things.
  2. Get your instructions..One’s professor or lecturer is one’s greatest ally when it comes to writing research papers. One must make sure that they get instructions from the instructor before writing a research paper. Your instructor can assign a topic for you to do in most cases, or your instructor can assign a list of topics that you will select a suitable topic. Having a research paper sample is also helpful for those people writing for the first time.
  3. Brainstorm ideas. For one to select a good research paper topic, one needs to brainstorm. And there are a variety of ideas that one may use. Try and look for research topics that you have an interest in, and single out the topics you have strong opinions about.
  4. Choose one topic. After you possess the list of topics, sort them out according to academic strengths. E.g., do not select topics that many people commonly research. As you are thinking of making your research fresh, you need to find out if you have enough material for you to use. Do not just do research based on how simple it is. Select a topic that you think you can confidently do justice.
  5. Outlining. It may not be easy to create research paper outlines until you gather information. Think about what you need to showcase and how you will showcase it.
  6. Researching. It is the time when you look for information that connects to your topic.
  7. Befriend the librarian. There is a lot of information that you can get from the internet, but there is one place that one can get information offline, and that place is the library.
  8. Find sources of quality. Not all sources are quality sources, so one must ensure that the source he gets his information is credible.
  9. Get writing. If you understand your topic and collect the source materials, combining them is an easy part of research writing.


When you have finished writing your research paper, double-check the submission date to avoid any other issues.

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